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Welcome to Quizopia

Iím Professor Quizopia, and I want to welcome you to my website and invite you to become an official Quizopian.MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS: Exercise your brain by playing the Daily Puzzle Challenge every day! Gain your Quizopia World Ranking Rank in the top 100 Quizopians for the month and go into th.. + read more

November Super Challenge Winners

Ok Quizopians, here's the top 50 Winners for the November Super Challenge: Rookies: 1st Place = karend9 scored 61406 and wins $40 Cash 2nd Place = alwayswantstowin scored 61081 and wins $35 Cash 3rd Place = teresako2011 scored 58981 and wins $30 Cash 4th Place = SusanC scored 58775 and wins $25 Ca.. + read more

September Super Challenge Winners!!!

Ok Quizopians here's the 25 winners of the Monthly Super Challenge: Rookie Group 1st Place = moonspirit scored 48,942 and wins $40 Cash 2nd Place = GrandmaPossum scored 48,734 and wins $30 Cash 3rd Place = Onashadue scored 48,716 and wins $15 Cash 4th Place = ACosgrove scored 47,292 and wins $10 Ca.. + read more

Phase 2 Roll out

Hey Quizopians,  just a reminder that at 4pm EST the Quizopia website will be offline as we integrate Phase 2.  It will be re-opened at 8pm.  All handicaps have been removed.  We have placed you all into 1 of 3 categories to start with Rookie, Skilled and Seasoned.  You can .. + read more

July Super Challenge Winners!!!

Boy it was close this month... Ok Quizopians, here they are: 1st Place = Macadamia84 scored 64,959 and has won $250 Cash! 2nd Place = Laura2153 scored 64,915 and has won $225 Cash! 3rd Place = Ranpsy scored 64,659 and has won $200 Cash! 4th Place = danipet scored 64,612 and has won $175 Cash! 5th.. + read more

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