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Technical FAQ's

1.    I can't seem to play the games on Quizopia?

Quizopia is written in the most advanced web language called HTML5. The only downside is with HTML5 being very new many of the earlier web browsers aren't able to run the puzzles on the browser. For Internet Explorer 8 and below the games on our site will simply not work. You will need to play Quizopia on a different browser like Firefox or Chrome or upgrade your Internet Explorer to IE9 as a minimum.

You can download IE9 here:

You can also download Firefox or Chrome from the following links:



2.    What if the site doesn't work, what do I do?

Email us at Support with your issues and we will give you fast and efficient service.

3.    What if I try do a puzzle and for some reason the site won't allow you to finish it?

Email us at Support with your username and the puzzle details and we will reset the puzzle for you.

4.    I have a suggestion of a new puzzle where do I go?

Place your request on our Submit A Puzzle Page.

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